About Us

Company Background:

Regina Tours has been a leader in Catholic pilgrimages since 1985. All our pilgrimages provide the opportunity for Catholic travelers to answer God's call to journey to religious sites and destinations around the world. As a Catholic company we follow the teachings of the Scriptures when developing our pilgrimages. These tours we offer are designed for spiritual growth, renewal, healing and sharing our faith with others. We invite you to join us as an individual or as part of a group (put one together yourself!) on some of our most popular pilgrimages:

As we have grown over the past 30 years, we have added new pilgrimages to additional destinations near and far, such as Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Greece,Turkey, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, Poland, Ireland. Wherever we venture, we are always mindful of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Our mission will always be to provide religious-minded travelers an opportunity to enhance their faith, renew their mind, body and soul, and gain insights on the Church’s impact through its art, music, literature, architecture and magnificent churches and basilicas.

By “keeping our finger on the pulse” of historical, current and upcoming Church-related events, we are able to develop programs of particular interest to the Catholic traveler, such as:

  • World Youth Day
  • Passion Plays worldwide
  • Church celebrations such as Anniversaries of Saints, Eucharistic Congresses, Canonizations, Beatifications

For groups interested in customizing an itinerary based on specific needs , we will work with you to tailor a pilgrimage that will best meet your interests.

To learn more about any of our pilgrimages, call us at 1-800-CATHOLIC.